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Small Business Development Center – Pullman: Aziz Makhani, MSEE, MBA

June 02, 2018 1 Comment

Small Business Development Center – Pullman: Aziz Makhani, MSEE, MBA

When we first started in the summer of 2017, we met with Aziz at the Small Business Development Center in Pullman, WA. He has been an incredible advisor to us and we are grateful for his continued support and mentorship to our company. We highly recommend visiting your local SBDC  if you have any interest in starting a business. The people are wonderful and genuinely want to help others succeed in their goals and dreams. We are so lucky to have connected with Aziz!

Name: Aziz Makhani


Tell us a little about yourself: I am a business advisor with the Small Business Development Center. My wife Beverly and I have two grownups, Nicholas and Alexa. We have been married for 37 years; time flies!  

What or who inspires you?: Progressive and socially conscious thinkers inspire me. We live in a small world and we need to strive for peace around the world.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?: My brothers and I recently visited Burma, our birth country, which we left behind nearly 50 years ago and that was one of the most memorable trips. I would now like to visit a place where I can practice mindfulness, all day, every day.

What are you passionate about?: Helping people, especially young people, achieve the maximum potential. I love sharing my experience and lessons learned, some of which late in my life that I wished I could have learned when I was a whole lot younger.

yoga travel fat cotton women's plus size panties underwear 100% cotton size inclusive full coverage brief thong shortFavorite movie?: Rain Man. Could I name two more? Godfather and Philadelphia Story; I like Dustin Hoffman, Marlon Brando and Katherine Hepburn’s “delivery.”

Best meal you’ve ever had: Tough one. Being of Indian descent and being raised on that food, I love Masala Dosa, faluda, gulab jamun, lassi and much more. If I am stranded on an island, I could live on PB and J or Baked Potatoes for every meal. I also grew up eating native Burmese and Chinese food. So, not one “best meal”, sorry.

Fun fact about you: I refereed soccer, basketball and volleyball, was born in Burma, and created a soccer board game. Is that fun enough?

What accomplishment are you most proud of?: Helping each client I advise succeed. On a personal level, seeing our kids become young, responsible adults.

What’s your favorite thing about Kade & Vos?: I love the mission of Kade & Vos. I also love Deborah and Ashley; they truly inspire me. Too bad I had to pick a “favorite thing.”

1 Response

Aziz Makhani
Aziz Makhani

June 06, 2018

Thank you, Deborah and Ashley, for featuring me on the website. You two are doing all the right things to take Kade & Vos company to greatness.

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