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Our Ethically and Sustainably Sourced Supply Chain

Kade & Vos values honesty, transparency, safety, fair wages, sustainability and supporting our economy. Therefore, we're happy to share our complete supply chain. As we continue to grow and expand our product offerings, our supply chain will expand are we are dedicated to updating you as we grow.

Made in the USA

Kade & Vos is proud to be 100% Sourced and Made in America.

This is important to us because there is no greater gift than supporting people who live and work in the United States. Our country has laws in place to ensure that everyone is protected and safe in their work environments, while offshore countries do not adhere to such strict standards. You can also rest easy in your Kade & Vos knowing the hands that helped make your product are your fellow American farmers, knitters, color experts and small manufacturers. 

The Cotton.

We are committed to using USA grown Supima Cotton and other domestically grown cotton varieties in our garments. Cotton is naturally biodegradable and rated the worlds most popular fabric. Supima cotton is a superior type of cotton grown in the USA. It represents less than 1% of cotton grown in the world. What makes Supima unique to other cottons is the extra-long staple fiber that gives the cotton its premium properties: Strength, Softness and Color retention. #thankafarmer

The Yarn.

Buhler Yarn is located in Jefferson, Georgia where it is cleaned and spun into yarn. The cleaning process includes picking out the cotton seeds and husks, and the spinning process involves twisting the cotton fibers together to create yarn. #thankaspinner

The Spandex. 

The other ingredient in our fabric, is an elastane fiber that is similar to spandex. We source this from a company called Lubrizol. The company's headquarters are in Wickliffe, Ohio and their elastane fiber is made in North Carolina. #thankascientist #thankamarketer

The Knitting.

The cotton yarn and elastane yarns are both sent to Haw River, North Carolina, to a company called Flexlon, where Emmett and his team knit it into fabric. #thankaknitter

The Dyeing & Finishing

We have our fabric dyed and finished in Statesville, North Carolina at Synergy Dyeing and Finishing Contractors - MoCaro. The fabric is then dyed the product color, and begins the finishing process. #thankachemist #thankamechanic

Fabric Development

Our Signature Fabric finishing process was developed with the help of Cotton Inc. to provide the softest, most durable, highest quality underwear possible. #thankanengineer  

The Cutting & Sewing.

The fabric is then rolled onto large bolts and sent to Stone Mountain, Georgia, where a veteran own company, Graphic Ragz, cuts and sews our fabric into garments. Graphic Ragz is a veteran owned and family run business. We are proud to work with Billy and Wendy and love the high quality construction and customer service they provide. #thankavet

The Packaging.

 Packlane makes it easy for us to design beautiful packaging. We order custom printed mailer boxes and shipping boxes to send you our Kade & Vos products. There are located in California and we've loved working with them. #thankadesigner #thankaprinter

The Distribution.

Do we need to say more? YES.  People are moving goods and products throughout the United States everyday. In fact In May 2015, Bureau of Labor Statistics counted about 4.8 million jobs in transportation and logistics. About 1 in 5 people who work in transportation and logistics are truck drivers. We seriously couldn't achieve anything without them. #thankatrucker
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Size Chart

Size Inclusive Guarantee

Our Size Inclusive Guarantee: Don’t see your size? let us know and we’ll get it for you at no additional cost.

 Find Your Size

Use the chart below to determine your size. If you’re on the borderline between two sizes, order the smaller size for a tighter fit or the larger size for a looser fit.

Don’t have a measuring tape? No worries! We’ll send you one for free.

S S 4/6 30"-34" 26"-29" 26"-49"
M M 8/10 32"-38" 30"-33" 29"-52"
L L 12/14 36"-40" 34"-37" 32"-55"
1L XL/1X 16/18 38"-44" 38"-41" 35"-58"
2L 2X/3X 20/22 42"-50" 42"-45" 38"-61"
3L 3X/4X 24/26 48"-54" 46"-49" 41"-64"
4L 4X-5X 28/30 52"-58" 50"-53" 44"-67"
5L 5X-6X 32/34 56"-62" 54"-57" 47"-70"
6L 6X-7X 36/38 60"-64" 58"-61" 50"-75"
7L 7X-8X 40/42 65"-69" 62"-65" 53"-80"
8L 8X-9X 44/46 70"-74" 66"-70" 56"-85"

At Kade & Vos, we do not use the term "Plus Size". We feel that calling some sizes "Plus Size" means that these sizes and shapes are somehow different from other sizes. 

Still unsure about your size? Check out our sizing videos for a more detailed tutorial on measuring yourself.

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