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5 Underwear Mistakes You Might Be Making

April 12, 2018

5 Underwear Mistakes You Might Be Making

Hi Dr Christel chiming in and today on Ask Dr. Deb we are going to talk about 5 mistakes you might be making with your underwear. All genders listen up! Your underwear might be giving you grief!

  1. Are your underwear too tight? - I’m looking at you shape-wear, compression panties and panties that are just too small!

While we might like shape-wear because it compresses and shapes our body to fit into clothes we should be demanding that clothes are designed to fit us - not the other way around.  And there are some serious side effects from wearing shape-wear too often, buying underwear that’s too small or wearing underwear that we’ve outgrown. Wearing undergarments that are too tight can decrease blood flow to your intimate parts, too tight can cause chafing, rashes, and can trap moisture which leads to yeast infections.  If you wear your underwear tight and too low it can aggravate urinary incontinence issues, and compress nerves of the groin and lower leg as well as hamper blood flow. In addition, continual use of tight undergarments can cause nerve pinches, acid reflux, and in extreme cases (such as corseting or waist training) can shift your organs. Also, if your shapewear or compression items are made out of polyester or synthetics, chances are it’s not letting your skin breathe and do its job to help the body detoxify - when you wear tight synthetics and your skin can’t breathe - it reabsorbs your toxin. So, when it comes to your underwear - too tights not right.

  1. Do you use scented detergent?

Look, we all want to smell good. Irritated skin or Contact dermatitis has become a common irritation over the past 2 decades. Why is that? When synthetics took over in the 70’s we also started noticing they did not release odor after washing - so to fix the smelly problem laundry companies created scented laundry soap and scented beads to mask the smell of bacteria and sweat odors - we now, the number one cause of contact dermatitis is scented detergent and scented dryer sheets. The skin tissue in your private parts is very sensitive and should be treated as such. Experts advise using dye free detergent without perfumes when washing your underwear.

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  1. Are your underwear made of synthetic fabrics?

Most of us know all the benefits of wearing cotton underwear, and if you don’t, we made a whole video and blog about it! but there are also quite a few downsides to wearing synthetic fabrics. Synthetic fabrics like spandex and nylon can trap moisture and not allow skin to breathe. The trapped and retained moisture can lead to soggy skin, like a pruned finger, irritation, rashes, and yeast infections. Not to mention it takes at least 40 years to biodegrade where as cotton takes two weeks to naturally break down.

  1. Do you change your underwear after exercise?

Bacteria like to multiply in warm, wet areas. It’s unlikely to cause an internal infections, but it is common for individuals who might not change their underwear or other clothes after working out to develop a rash called intertrigo. This mostly occurs in the armpit, under the chest and between the thighs. If you are prone to sweating during the day natural moisture wicking material can be very helpful in preventing infections.

  1. How long do you keep your underwear for?

We all have that underwear we know we should get rid of but we don’t because it can be really difficult to find comfortable underwear. But After fabric has become worn out or develop any holes, it will sag and lose its shape which can lead to rubbing, chafing, and can cause you to develop rashes, not to mention it’s really uncomfortable. Also, if you have worn your underwear thin, the moisture management properties will start to diminish. So, if you’re underwear are falling apart or are too thin- it’s time to say goodbye and get a new pair!

Bonus tip!

For all genders, we recommend wearing a fresh pair of mid-rise, soft cotton, fitted (but not too tight) undie every day and after excessive sweating. but at night - Doctors recommend going commando- to let things air out ;) - but we’ll leave that one up to you!  

Thanks so much for reading 5 mistakes you might be making with your underwear. Are you making any of these? Do you love your underwear or does your underwear drive you crazy? Let us know in the comments, be sure to like and share with your friends! And stay tuned for more fun filled blogs! Catch you on the flippity flip!

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