The Women Behind Kade & Vos

The story of Kade and Vos is an untraditional love story.  Our founders, Deb and Ashley, first met in apparel design classes at Washington State University. It didn’t matter that Deb was the teacher and Ashley was the student - they bonded over their shared obsession with inclusive fashion. Deb and Ashley decided to start Kade & Vos after recognizing their shared frustration about the uncomfortable and unflattering designs available to women whose shape and size isn’t included in our culture’s narrow standard of beauty.

Deb (or Dr. Deborah Christel, Ph.D., if we’re getting formal) is the nation’s leading expert in fat studies and fashion fit. Deb has more than a decade of experience listening to and understanding the fit and design needs of plus size consumer. Deb’s research on weight bias and discrimination of large bodies within the fashion industry has been featured by renowned publications such as TODAY, The Washington Post, Forbes, Bloomberg, CNBC, People Magazine, and Refinery 29.

Ashley (AKA Ms. Ashley Scott Morse) is an operations expert, with nearly a decade of experience in distribution, small business growth, visual merchandising and costume design. She has a deeply rooted passion for understanding the stories and strengths of a company’s supply chain, thanks to behind-the-scenes access to her family’s four agricultural companies. She is also a fierce supporter of women’s bodies and their natural perfection, as her tribe of female friends will tell you.