Diane Christel

Dianne Christel Meet Your Models Model

Name: Diane Christel

Tell us a little about yourself: Age 57, enjoy Zumba, Yoga, gardening. Employed at a credit union.  

What or who inspires you?:  My parents. My brothers. People that do that right thing. Actions speak Louder than words.  You can tell me what your going to do, however the action of doing it will honor what you say.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?:  I like to be home and around my family and share experiences.

What are you passionate about?: Being a good role model for my granddaughters.  

Favorite movie?: Movies that inspire.  Remember the Titans, Rudy, Billy Elliot and of course That Thing You Do!

Best meal you’ve ever had: Baked Salmon, vegetables and green salad

Fun fact about you: Love to sew, craft and create. I also love Mickey Mouse!

What accomplishment are you most proud of?:  My kids. Seeing them be the amazing grownups that they are

What’s your favorite thing about Kade & Vos?: My Niece and her vision and determination.  Creating a product that is truly needed.

What’s your favorite underwear style?: French high cut

What clothing size(s) do you wear? 8/10. M/L

What are your body measurements:

Bust: 36

Waist: 32

Hips: 38

Where can people find you?

Facebook: Diane Christel 

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