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Fat Shaming Episode 2: Weight Loss Culture

Fat Shaming Episode 2: Weight Loss Culture

March 22, 2018

Today Dr. Deb, continues our series on fat shaming and weight bias. Today's topic: weight loss culture! Who is fat in weight loss culture? There are many institutions that are eager to tell you that you're fat - government, health insurance, doctors, nurses, popular media, advertising, fashion, strangers, friends, family, lovers and of course the bathroom scale. How many of us weigh ourselves everyday?

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Fat Shaming Episode 1

Fat Shaming Episode 1

March 09, 2018

Today Dr. Deb begins a new video series that delves into fat shaming and weight bias!     The root of a lot of problems in the fashion industry stem from weight bias. So, while I’ve been studying fashion, I’ve also been researching weight bias and fat shaming for about 8 years. So today, I want to define Fat shaming, explain why do we do it? And give you the first step towards reducing weight bias. fat sham·ing noun the act or practice of humiliating someone judged to be fat or overweight by...

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